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Beserk stocks a huge range of plus-sized clothing. We cater for a range of different occasions, whether you're going out on the town, having a romantic dinner or lounging around the house in your underwear. We've got you! With a massive collection of brands including but not limited to Killstar, Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Akumu Ink, Rogue and Wolf, Period Panties, H&R London, Banned Apparel, Punk Rave, Music Legs, Retrolicious, Kreepsville 666, Leg Avenue and Sock It To Me!

We cater for all types of weather, with our winter clothes including coats, jumpers, sweaters, jackets, long coats, cloaks, jumpsuits and more! They'll provide you with copious amounts of warmth and comfort with the amazing quality materials, and stunning fits. Beserks plus size range also includes all different items including socks, tees, leggings, joggers, underwear, skirts, tunics, pantyhose, kimonos, shorts, Capris, vests, dresses and kaftans!

We have an extensive range of plus size dresses for everyone with 50's dresses, shirt dresses, skater dresses, shift dresses, midi dresses, wiggle dresses, swing dresses, pencil dresses, baby doll dresses, tunic dresses, hoodie dresses, pinafore dresses, lace dresses, sundresses, sweater dresses, tank dresses, mini dresses and even flare dresses! With so many different options to choose from, you'll spend hours going through them all! Try and make up your mind with all of these styles!

We have plus size clothing for all genders, all styles and all colours. There's nothing holding you back from expressing yourself. With so many different cute bits and bobs added to the styles with some frills, ruffles, lace, tartan, bows and ornate designs all featuring different designs including moons, stars, webs, roses, floral patterns, crosses, pentagrams, skulls, stripes, flames, pumpkins and even spooky ghouls! It doesn't stop there either, with a range of animals making appearances as well as spiders, cats, dogs, bats, snakes and zebra prints! We also feature a few pop culture references with Alice in Wonderland, Little Miss Muffet, Daria, Willie Wonka, Shaun of the Dead, Archer and The Office all making appearances!

We don't play around when it comes to providing you with as many options as we can! Beserk strives for your happiness and freedom of expression. With nothing to stop you from shining in the spotlight, you'll feel beautiful, sexy and independent with our plus size range!