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The Moon | TAROT NECKLACE Buckle [Black] | CHOKER EXTENDER Press Stud [Black] | CHOKER EXTENDER Dark Minds | NECKLACE Deadly | CHOKER Deadly [Black] | PENDANT NECKLACE* Deadly [Silver] | PENDANT NECKLACE* Deadly [Black] | NECKLACE Deadly [Silver] | NECKLACE* Logo Plate [Pastel] | NECKLACE Logo Plate [Vivid] | NECKLACE Rose Briar | CHOKER PENDANT Ave Satana [Silver] | NECKLACE Baby Luna [Black] | NECKLACE Ophelia Vial [Silver] | NECKLACE Ophelia Vial [Black] | NECKLACE Wired [Silver] | CHAIN CHOKER Wired [Black] | CHAIN CHOKER Medusa [Silver] | NECKLACE The Dark Crystal | Crystal NECKLACE Planchette | NECKLACE Double Triangle [Black] | NECKLACE* Fortune Teller [Black] | NECKLACE* Mystica [Silver] | NECKLACE Vegvisir [Silver] | NECKLACE* Cat Sith | PENDANT Infinity Dragon | PENDANT Poe's Raven Locket | PENDANT* Queen Of The Night | PENDANT Wounded By Love | PENDANT Awaiting The Eventide | PENDANT Cruci Faustan | PENDANT RIP Rose | PENDANT 3D Crescent Skull [Black] | PENDANT Branch Crescent [Silver] | NECKLACE Branch Delta [Black] | PENDANT Magic Forest | PENDANT The Crow | PENDANT Lotus Blossoms [Black] | CHOKER Wiccan Goddess Of Love | NECKLACE* Baphomet [Black] | NECKLACE Baphomet [Silver] | NECKLACE Moon & Sun [Silver] | NECKLACE Alter Orbis | NECKLACE Emerald Venom | NECKLACE Hexagram | CHOKER Selene [Black] | CHOKER Minnaloushe | PENDANT Witches Heart | PENDANT Draconic Tryst | PENDANT Anastasia | CHOKER Cat Familiar [Black] | CHOKER Vampire Bat [Black] | CHOKER Baby Luna [Silver] | NECKLACE Affaire du Coeur | PENDANT Lunar [Silver] | NECKLACE Snake | NECKLACE Helm of Awe Raven | PENDANT Full Moon [Black] | NECKLACE* Jormungand | PENDANT
Beserk stocks a huge range of necklaces and chokers for you to free your spirit, or lock it down! With you as our main focus, we strive to provide you with as many different options as we can. From alternative to kawaii, nothing is safe from us. We want you to express yourself. With all our different designs and styles I know, you'll absolutely love our choices. 

We stock a huge range of styles with all different designs and styles incorporating all sorts of different themes. Including but not limited to designs with rings, chains, spikes, studs, bows, crescent moons, lockets, locks, keys, skulls, hearts, bells, Ouijas, roses, crosses, pentagrams, dragons, cats, amulets and even the all seeing eye. Pick your own styles, get crazy and express yourself with Beserks range!

With a range of styles comes a range of colours including red, black, pink, purple, blue, white, silver, gold and more! Don't forget to add your accessories to your outfits this weekend and go absolutely wild with Beserk. With our beautiful necklaces, you'll want one for every day of the week, or even the year! That's a lot of necklaces! 

Whether you're going to be out all night partying in a mosh pit of your favourite band, or dressing up as your favourite Anime character, we have such a wide range to choose from, you're bound to find the right one for you. With chokers and necklaces galore, Beserk brings alternative and Gothic styles straight to your front door.

We love our family and friends, YOU, and we appreciate the love we get from each and every one of you. We love to show you how much we appreciate you by giving you the ability to express yourself to the fullest of your ability with nothing to hold you back and make you feel judged. So check out our collection today and hopefully, you find the exact style you're looking for!