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There is a reason most pole dancers don't wear just normal heels or shoes-  The elevated platform means you are able to grip higher on the pole, giving you more space to swing and get into the tricks. Pole dancing shoes also act as weights on your feet, which helps to transition between moves and stretch out the legs in a flattering way.

Traditional pole dancing goes way back in time! Traditional Chinese pole dancing dates back to the 12 century in which Chinese circus performers would use a pole approximately 9 meters high to perform acrobatic tricks for entertainment. 

Nowadays, you probably associate pole dancing with strippers or stripping. Let's get one thing straight, all strippers pole dance, but not all pole dancers strip. Pole dancing combines dance and acrobatics centred on a vertical pole. This performance art form takes place not only in gentleman's clubs as erotic dance but also as a mainstream form of fitness, practised in gyms and dedicated dance studios. 

Show off your sexy side with Beserks range of pole dancing shoes! If you're a beginner or if you are a pro it doesn't matter, add some glamour to your dance!  With our new range of stunning pole dancing shoes, you will never get bored of what you're wearing! Beserk only sells pole dancing heels that help pole and burlesque dancers to contour the heels to their feet and give support to the entire leg. This helps the dancer avoid fatigue and feel fabulous as they perform.

One of our fav brands for Pole dancing shoes are Pleaser, not only do they have eye-watering products but they are extremely high quality!