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With face masks becoming an ever-growing part of our lives during current times, Beserk now has a range of cosmetic face masks (fashion accessories) all made to provide you with some style. A face mask is a device that you wear over your face, for example, to prevent yourself from breathing bad air or from spreading germs, or to protect your face when you are in a dangerous situation. We have so many face masks from different brands for you to choose from. With Sock It To Me, Hell Bunny, Blackcraft Cult, Smoko, Devils Fashion, Akumu Ink, Twisted, Beserk Clothing, Deadly Sins Cosmetics and more!

With so many cute and alternative designs for you to use with any outfit. Style your outfits to go with your masks with designs including ouija boards, flowers, cartoon characters, boba tea, Tayto potato, cats, rainbows, avocados, bees, moons, bats, spider webs, smiles, mermaids, triple moons and more. Don't miss out on your chance to grab yourself some kawaii and gothic masks today.