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Makeup has been around for over 7,000 years. From the earliest mentions of skin creams with rosewater used by the Romans to using kohl to darken in the eyes, used by the ancient Egyptians. Now, we have almost every colour and formula available. Here at Beserk, we love to celebrate creativity. From our beautiful workers who dress up on a daily basis, to those who only dress up for Halloween, we all still love to get down and dirty with a little bit of make up. We stock a huge range of palettes for any occasion. You may be dressing up as a ghoul for Halloween, going to your local convention in cosplay, or just having a dinner date, we've got everything you need to help you achieve the perfect look!

We have palettes for almost everything, from eye shadows, highlights and contours to blush, cream correcting palettes and blend sets for stage makeup! With a range of different finishes, we want you to explore yourself, and create amazing looks you never thought you could achieve. Having access to beautiful shimmering golds, gorgeous matte blacks, stunning metallic purples, and high pigment neon colours will broaden your horizons! With every colour of the rainbow, you won't be restricted anymore. With yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, browns, blacks and white!

With beautiful customisable palettes from Sugarpill that allow you to choose your own colour palettes you can create your own every day palette from whatever colours you want. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with products that are cruelty free! Our palettes by Mehron Makeup are vegan, cruelty free formulas that are lightweight and long lasting. They effortlessly blend to create a beautiful silky and luminous finish. Talk about professional products for exceptional prices!

We stock palettes from a range of brands including Lime Crime, Lunatick Cosmetics, Sugarpill, Mermaid Salon, Black Rose Cosmetics, Mehron Makeup, Stargazer and more! With all inclusive, bold makeup to help bring out the beauty rebel inside of you.

Join us at Beserk, where we appreciate your lunacy, your independence, your love, creativity and devotion. We're here to celebrate you with a massive range of beauty products for everyone!