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Mulled Wine | BATH BOMBS Deep Sleep | BATH SOAK Caramel | BODY LOTION Sweet Cherry | BODY LOTION Peach | BODY LOTION Moonlight | BATH PEARLS Tayto Potato | BATH MAT Disney Pop Princess [Ariel] | SHOWER JELLY Disney Pop Princess [Snow White] | BATH JELLY Disney Pop Princess [Snow White] | FIZZERS Owl | SOAP DISPENSER Dimensional Key | SHOWER CURTAIN Jaguar | SHOWER CURTAIN Heart [Pink & Black] | BATH BOMB Heart [Black] | BATH BOMB Heart [Red & Black] | BATH BOMB Heart [Purple & Red] | BATH BOMB Skull [Purple & Black] | BATH BOMB Skull [Red & Black] | BATH BOMB Coffin [Purple & Black] | BATH BOMB Coffin [Red & Black] | BATH BOMB Coffin [Black] | BATH BOMB Skull [Pink & Red] | BATH BOMB Disney Villains [Evil Queen] | CAULDRON BATH FIZZER Trust Issues | SHOWER CURTAIN Woodstock | SHOWER CURTAIN The Exorcist Regan | COSPLAYING DUCK The Lost Boys David | COSPLAYING DUCK The Lost Boys Michael | COSPLAYING DUCK Dc Comics Harley Quinn Tubbz | COSPLAYING DUCK Hot Pink Leopard | SHOWER CURTAIN Under The Sea | BATH MAT Leopard Cat Pink | BATH MAT Jaguar | BATH MAT Freesh Avo-ca-do | BATH BOMB Cult [Strawberry] | HEART BATH BOMB Mandrake | BODY SOAP Antidote [Oily Skin] | FACIAL SOAP Catnap | SHOWER CURTAIN Lovers & Sinners | SHOWER CURTAIN* Nocturnal | BATHROOM RUG^ Gnostic | SHOWER CURTAIN Dirty Bitch | GLITTER SOAP Gay Bar [Vanilla] | SOAP Bob Ross | SOAP Clean & Sparkle [Raspberry] | HAND SANITISER Clean & Sparkle [Marshmallow] | HAND SANITISER Smooth It Over [Raspberry] | HAND & BODY LOTION Smooth It Over [Marshmallow] | HAND & BODY LOTION Smooth It Over [Coconut] | HAND & BODY LOTION Conjuring | SHOWER CURTAIN Unicorn Poo | BATH BOMBS Xtra Celestial | SHOWER CURTAIN^ The Original Gay Bar | SOAP Cthulhu | SHOWER CURTAIN Baroque | ROUND TOWEL RUG I Need Space | BATH BOMB Japanese Honeysuckle | ROUND BATH BOMB Fairy Floss | BODY BUTTER Moon Child | BATH BOMB

Beserk brings you cute and evil Bathroom Homeware for everyone, with our Gothic and Kawaii styles, you'll find something you want, or need. No matter what your mood, we want you to feel refreshed, smell nice, look good and feel good. We've scoured the internet and found some amazing bathroom products from a range of brands including Killstar, Bigmouth, Sourpuss, Suck UK, Peleg Design, Wick'Ety Wack, Firebox, Blackcraft & Too Fast!

With an amazing range of shower curtains, from bright and cute to dark and eerie, you'll want to buy more than one! We have other shower accessories, such as adorable little shower caps to keep your hair dry! There's even things like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to decorate your sink. Or we've got adorable bath duck lights to give your bathroom some peaceful vibes and help you relax! We stock a range of products for you to choose from including razor holders, toothbrush holders, ornamental pieces, bath bombs, trinket boxes, bath mats, robes, soaps, mirrors, vanity kits, beach towels and more! With a range of Gothic inspired towels from Killstar, bath mats and bathroom sets from Sourpuss, soaps and ornamental figures from Homewares and a range of beach towels from Bigmouth! There's so many themes to choose from with zombies, unicorns, dragons, skulls, astrology, moons, Baphomet, floral designs and so much more!

We here at Beserk are proud to provide you with such a diverse range of products for every occasion, whether you are as happy as a hippo or down in the dumps, inside or outside, hot or cold! Don't miss the opportunity to add some of these awesome bathroom necessities into your life! With Beserk by your side, you'll find everything Gothic and kawaii you could ever wish for. Don't miss out on our amazing collections today!