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Beserk offers a variety of stunning forms of a colour sure to turn your friends at least one shade of the colour of envy: green.

Green is the colour of nature. Its various shades call to mind summertime forests, gorgeous emeralds, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and a host of other beautiful images. Green hair colour makes a powerful and unique statement on its own or complements a number of other colours when combined together.

You can also blend some of our selections, such as Manic Panic Enchanted Forest green hair dye, to create endless types of Goth green hair. Blend with other shades of green or choose from a full spectrum of other possible colour combinations.

Beserk also offers a great lineup of homewares, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and much more. Also choose from hundreds of amazing items on sale. Find the perfect complement to your unique personal appearance or decor looks.

However you want to look and feel, make sure to go to Beserk first.