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Cauldron | INCENSE BURNER^ Palmistry [Gold] | INCENSE BURNER Opium | INCENSE STICKS Positive Vibes | INCENSE STICKS Pentagram Cauldron | INCENSE CONE HOLDER* Palmistry [Black/White] | INCENSE BURNER* Sandalwood | INCENSE STICKS Musk | INCENSE STICKS Vanilla | INCENSE STICKS Lavender | INCENSE STICKS Palo Santo | INCENSE STICKS Dragons Fire Backflow | INCENSE CONES Spiritual Healing | INCENSE STICKS Sweet Vanilla | INCENSE STICKS Black Opium | INCENSE STICKS Pagan | INCENSE HOLDER* Jasmine | INCENSE STICKS Dragon Blood Sage | CLEANSING STICKS Cinnamon | INCENSE STICKS Pouring Cauldrons Backflow | INCENSE HOLDER Nag Champa | FRAGRANCE OIL Cotton Candy | INCENSE Sandalwood Backflow | INCENSE CONES Love Spell | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONE Blue Sage Backflow | INCENSE CONES* Patchouli | INCENSE STICKS Frankincense | INCENSE STICKS Meditation | INCENSE STICKS Dragon's Blood Backflow | INCENSE CONES Dragons Blood | ROOM SPRAY Rose | INCENSE Kitty | OIL BURNER^* Nag Champa | ROOM SPRAY Witches' Cauldron | INCENSE BURNER TRAY Reiki | INCENSE STICKS Black Crystal | INCENSE STICKS Cauldron | OIL BURNER Black Pentagram | TEALIGHT HANGER Triple Moon Cauldron | INCENSE CONE HOLDER Nag Champa | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONE Lemon Grass | INCENSE STICKS Baphomet | INCENSE BURNER & CANDLE HOLDER Dragon's Blood | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONES Combo [Nag Champa/Arabian Oudh] | INCENSE STICKS Lavender | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONE Zodiac | INCENSE BURNER* Super Hit | ROOM SPRAY Himalayan Jasmine | INCENSE STICKS Nag Champa Sage | CLEANSING STICKS Rose Backflow | INCENSE CONES Skull Backflow | BURNER Myrrh | INCENSE STICKS Green Apple | INCENSE Standing Witch | BACKFLOW BURNER Baphomet [LED Backflow] | INCENSE BURNER* Palo Santo | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONES Green Tree Man | TEALIGHT/INCENSE HOLDER Black Cat Pentacle Moons | INCENSE BURNER & ASHTRAY Patchouli | BACKFLOW INCENSE CONE Black Pentagram | TEALIGHT HOLDER*
Beserk brings you a wide range of incense for you to bring the perfect comfort levels to your own while also making it smell amazing! We have amazing brands that create high quality, long-lasting incense sticks and cones that burn for extended periods of time as well as amazing essential oils and those brands include Gothic Gifts (Satya and Elements), Wick'Ety Wack and more!

With fragrances from all over the world, you can fill your house to your heart's content! With incense sticks such as Dragons Blood, Opium, Jasmine, Nag Champa, Cannabis, White Musk, Palo Santo, Blue Sage, Lavender, Patchouli Forest, Musk, Traditional Ayurveda, Reiki, Patchouli, Aracnafaria, Pagan Magic, Black Magic, 'Happiness', 'Luck', 'Protection', 'Confidence' and so many more! Our incense cones come in a smaller range including Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa and Sandalwood! For essential oils, you can find Anxiety, Sleep, Sinus and Stress relieving essential oils from Wick'Ety Wack!

Beserk brings you a massive range of fragrances from which to choose. Don't miss out on these today!