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Fun Facts about Bats! Bats are the only single mammal that can fly (while other mammals can glide for short periods, bats have the ability for self-powered flight across long distances). There are over one thousand different species of bat. Bats are nocturnal (and to be honest, at Beserk, so are we!). Bats "see" in the dark via accurate echolocation. More fun facts! There are 3 species of vampire bats that feed solely on blood. Bats can live for over 20 years! Okay, enough bat facts now. The silhouette image of a bat (think of the "Batman" symbol) is instantly recognisable. And not just by fans of the DC Comics character Batman, but by alternative gothic folk or people of the goth persuasion. In goth subculture, bats are almost literally everywhere. Why? Because they represent the night! That time of the day when darkness descends, we lose our inhibitions and embrace the moon and the stars.

Beserk offer a tidy collection of bat-themed products, including clothing, accessories, homewares, headwear, parasols, handbags, wallets and purses, dresses, skirts, kitchen ware, footwear, pins and patches, jewellery, things for your bathroom, collectables, cosmetics, nail decal sets, keyrings, hair slides, throw blankets, leggings, capris pants, berets, backpacks, necklaces and earrings, t-shirts and tops, and more!

There are so many bat species - little brown bat, BIG brown bat, Hoary bat, the common pipistrelle, the MExican free-tailed bat, the Egyptian fruit bat, Tricoloured bat, Vampire bat, Eastern red bat, the northern long-eared myotis, the Greater Horseshoe bat, mouse-eared bat, Pallid bat, Indian Flying Fox, Giant golden-crowned flying fox, the spotted bat, the Jamaican fruit bat, Serotine bat, California leaf-nosed bat, the lesser long-nosed bat, Van Gelder's bat, Western small-footed bat, Brandt's bat, the long-legged myotis, the long-tongued nectar bat,, Hammer-headed bat, and about a million other types with varying degrees of cuteness and terror.