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Welcome, Darling... 

Ectogasm was founded in 2015 by illustrator, Raeha Keller, in a mission to create art that's for more than just for walls. Raeha lives in Los Angeles with her two black cats, Boogie and Luna and she is inspired by all things strange and spooky!

With these enamel pins, you will become a living gallery of your hobbies, interests and loves. Express yourself with these incredibly stunning (and spooky) accessories and let your alluring self shine! Ectogasm isn't just dark and gothic, you can find bright, kawaii products such as magical lighters, a perfectly cute addition for your your altar and candle collection or adorably pastel ghost socks, perfect for cold rainy nights while staying indoors! 

Beserk is so proud to now be stocking Ectogasm as who doesn't love all things spooky and pin related! Ranging from Ghosts, Ouija planchets, cats and bats to spiderwebs and snakes! So shop the awesome range Ectogasm has to offer and add some bats, spooky haunted mansions and pastel ghosts to your life with Ectogasm !