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Strangecvlt is an alternative footwear company based in Los Angeles, California. For all the weirdos in the world! Strangecvlt is one of Beserk's hottest new brands, and we have a small but high-quality offering of this totally awesome footwear for you!

With you, our extended Beserk family on our minds, we have brought some simple stunning shoes for you to check out including adorable flats with a spooky bat sewn into the toes of the flats, gorgeous white boots with the signature bondage style that Strange Cvlt is all about as well as some seriously banging sneakers featuring Beetlejuice vibes with bright green accents and black and white stripes and the plain black sneakers that they are known for with bat wing and spider web accents!

These are great for gifts or just to spoil your inner shoe lover. You'll stand out in the crowd with Strange Cvlts beautifully simple designs made just for you! Beserk makes an effort to provide you with the products that you want to see, with our amazing team here at Beserk, we've provided you with the options you're asking for! No matter what your plans are, get funky with these awesome shoes made for comfort and style. Don't miss out on your chance to add these amazing shoes to your collection today!