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Beserk has a huge range of make-up tools and accessories for you to choose from, we take hair dye and makeup seriously... Just kidding! Go absolutely wild with your creativity with all of our products to help you achieve the perfect look!

We have a collection of hair accessories for going colour crazy! We include hair dye tint brush sets (7 piece sets!), tint bowl sets (7 bowls too!), hair colouring sets (Tint bowl, gloves and a tint brush!), colour applicators and comb/brush colour applicators too! Go crazy and get colouring with all of our hair dying accessories and tools. There's nothing stopping you from going rainbow now! 

We also stock a range of makeup tools for those beauty buffs! With makeup brush sets (powder brush, blush brush, pencil brush, lip brush, fan brush, angled brow brush and a shadow blender brush! (, makeup sponges, mascara brushes, concealer brushes, eye shadow brushes, lip brushes, brush cleaners and even makeup bags! Store all your new brushes in your new make-up bag from Beserk!

We also have accessories for makeup as well! Including glitter gel fixes, diamontes, eyeliner seals, liquid vinyl makeups and face jewels! We don't judge here at Beserk, so go crazy and get creative with our makeup and hair tools and accessories! With our amazing customers in mind, we only stock the highest quality products with the intention of providing YOU with amazing and long-lasting tools to help you become the beauty guru you want to be!

We stock a wide range of makeup and hair tools, no matter what the occasion you will have everything you need. You may be dressing up for Halloween, going out on a date, having a family gathering or going to a comic book convention as your favourite character! It doesn't matter, we've got the perfect products for you. Don't miss your chance to become a part of the Beserk family with our amazing range of colours, formulas and brands!