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Easter is all about the Easter Bunny and the chocolate eggs! Easter is a public holiday for most western and European countries, and it is the most important (and oldest) festival of the Christian Church. It is traditionally and historically the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is held between 21 March and 25 April (depending on the timing of the full moon - Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following from the northern spring equinox). Are you confused yet? Don't be! The most important thing to remember is that it is about chocolate and bunny rabbits!

If you like to dress in bunny theme for Easter, Beserk offers clothing, toys, and cosmetics for the occasion.

Easter is a fantastic time of the year to spend with family. Seeing excited children run around on an easter egg scavenger hunt, just gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. With egg hunts and candy, children are almost as excited for Easter as they would be for Christmas. However, Easter is less embedded in presents in today's society as Christmas, so they're less distracted than they would be on Christmas. On your mark, get set, GO! All of the children (and some older people) race to find eggs filled with candy, prizes or money. It is a great moment to see an older child pass an opportunity to get an egg by giving it to a younger child.

The food, the desserts, the weather (it is spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere, but wither way, the weather is perfect being outside), and best of all - Easter baskets! 

There’s more to Easter than chocolate eggs. With all the evidence that kids should avoid sugary, fatty food, there’s plenty of reason to make the focus of your family’s Easter something other than chocolate.

Easter is traditionally a celebration of life and love. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Easter and the holidays that come with it are a great opportunity to focus on family life and inject a bit love into your relationships with your children. Showing kids your love is important but giving children opportunities to share their love, and other positive emotions like trust is also important.