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Introducing Glam Goth Beauty to Beserk! We love everything with a little bit of devilish aesthetic, cute, crazy and kawaii goth! We love Glam Goth Beauty! They have some amazing products for you to choose from with our growing collection! 

We have always tried to provide the absolute best to our customers and we love that we can do that with Glam Goth Beauty! With their unique style catering to a combination of creepy, chic with deadly luxurious aesthetic for all-out weirdos to try! Become the Angel or Rockstar you want to be with Glam Goth Beauty.

We stock a small range of products including the 7 Deadly Sins Palette! We also stock a range of the Diamonds in different styles including Catwoman, Dangerous, Desire, Heroine, Maneater, Purgatory, Seduction & even the amazing Freddy's K*nt! With reds, blues, silvers and blacks you'll have serious fun creating unique looks! 

Glam Goth Beauty is a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free brand that supports EVERYONE. They have a strong connection with the LGBTQ+ community and are open to everything and everyone. We love Glam Goth Beauty here at Beserk and can't wait to have more products for you to check out! 

Don't miss out on Glam Goth Beauty today, it's already selling out fast!