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Glitter! You're very best friend, or your worst enemy.

Some people love glitter, some people hate glitter and some people have a love-hate relationship with glitter. Here at Beserk we give you the option to get glitter-fied! Don't be shy, bring out your inner sparkly princess and shine as bright as the stars. With beautiful glittered make-up for you to go crazy with, you'll find yourself cleaning glitter out of the carpet for months.

We stock brands such as Stargazer, Manic Panic, Sugarpill, Medusas Makeup, Mermaid Salon and more! With the amazing brands come amazing quality products.

Don't miss your chance to grab some glitter-fied products including items such as our amazing glitter shakers in different colours including fuchsia, violet, pink and lilac, chunky glitter shakers with silver chunky hexagon glitter, star shaped glitter and even biodegradable chunky glitter in Sky, Silver and Violet! We also stock pressed glitter powders used for eye shadows and make-up ideas including the shades "Templar", "Aslan", "Mallory Knox" and "Jerusalem" by Mermaid Salon. We also have loose eye shadow from Sugarpill in Goldilux! With some amazing glitter liners, lipsticks and even shimmery pressed powders, you'll have the ability to shine bright like a diamond.

Don't miss out! Join us here at Beserk where we celebrate your weirdness, giving you the options to do whatever you want. No matter what the occasion is, we've always got something for you. Take on some serious glitter and get creative while you chill at home on a Sunday or go all out and turn yourself into a fairy for that fancy dress party. We want you to rejoice and share your freedom of expression, no matter what that means. With Beserk by your side, you'll feel free. Get in today and check out our full collection of glitter!