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Beserk stocks anything and everything you could need to achieve you to create amazing and realistic special effects for your Halloween costumes, your cosplay outfits and themed parties! Take your creativity to a whole new level with the Beserk Special Effects make-up collection!
We have amazing brands that provide us with high quality, long-wear makeup and high-quality prosthetics for any occasion. No matter where you're going, Beserks got your back. Our brands include Fright Fest, Mehron Makeup, Stargazer, Sarah Muddle, Scarecrow, Killstar, Medusas Makeup, Paint Glow, Lunatick Cosmetics, Manic Panic and more!

With our wide range of products from liquid latex to cosmetic glitter, there's nothing holding you back! Turn into a scary unicorn with our Unicorn Skull masks, a creepy clown with our Creep Clown masks, or a smiley freak with our Mr Smiley masks, all designed and made by Sarah Mudle! We have everything you could possibly need to add to any of these masks for an awesome Halloween costume with our red, black, purple, green, orange and white face paint sticks, fake blood of all types including coagulated blood, fake blood and squirt blood! We don't stop there though, we also have some awesome diamontes and face jewels! Perfect for that ethereal fairy or Day of The Dead inspired costumes!

We have everything, really! Fake fangs of multiple different styles, including custom-fit fangs and even blood drip fangs! Lipsticks of all the creepy shades with red, orange, green, purple, black and white! Tattoo pens, wax sticks, eyeliners, white, blue, pink and black foundations, setting powders, setting sprays, primers, eye shadows, spirit gums, liquid latex, peel off blood and even glow in the dark face paints!

There's nowhere else you need to look. We have everything for Halloween, don't miss out! Our stock goes fast, don't wait around! With Beserk on your side, you'll be free to create any look you want. We celebrate you for YOU! Some come and check out our special effects makeup collection today!