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Why do you need Alchemy Gothic? Because you’re different! And you have taste - extraordinary design for extraordinary individuals!

Alchemy Gothic’s original rock and goth jewellery and merchandise, and their reputation for design, all took off in 1977 and Alchemy quickly grew into a small company of young, creative wastrels specialising in the alternative lifestyle.  All these years later and still under their original ownership, the English based art, design, manufacturing and distribution company has grown to become an international brand, highly desirable, and considered the “antiques of the future”.

Alchemy are best known for their fine English pewter creations, but also incorporate many alternative materials and finishes in their truly unique designs of exceptional quality. Historically & mythologically inspired designs with a story told behind every piece, Alchemy Gothic provides unique, extraordinary design in the alternative lifestyle industry.

Alchemy Gothic supplies clothing - tees, tanks, jumpers and sweaters, shoes and boots, leggings and more. The styles are broad - tattoo, retro, rockabilly, biker, metal, rocker, steampunk, goth, Victorian gothic, period wear, romantic era lines, original resin giftware. But it doesn't stop there! Bracelets, earrings, chokers, brooches, pendants, necklaces, droppers, studs, stationery, bags, wallets, purses, buckles and belts, caskets and boxes, hair accessories, rose themed gifts, printed products, rings, watches.... and all in the "future antique" style.

Celebrities have been pictured worldwide sporting Alchemy Gothic gear, including the bands Lacuna Coil and Five Finger Death Punch, Sonic Syndicate, 69 Eyes, Revoker, Abney Park, Evile, Liv Boeree, Mortad, Revoker, Skunk DF, Sahar of the Sirens, My Passion, and Rosie Mac.

Customers are falling head over heels with the amazing Victorian and Edwardian jewellery designs from Alchemy Gothic and their stunning and versatile range, and you will too. Best of all, it's all affordable. Behind every piece is a spooky story - create your own today!