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Glamlite was founded by Gisselle Hernandez, a Dominican immigrant who migrated to America when she was 3. Living in Brooklyn NY, known for having some of the best pizza in the world, Gisselle ended up eating pizza at least 3 times a week and that led her to a passion for finding the best pizzerias in the nation. After relocating to Los Angeles, CS, she thought to combine her two greatest passions, Pizza & makeup, and the idea for the Pizza Palette was born! Giselle had faced some challenges throughout her life, being bullied for her weight (that she struggled with) and was ready to liberate herself from societies restrictions and opened her life to not caring what people think. Giselle has gone on to create the most unique makeup that shows you it's okay to be yourself and embrace the things you love... like pizza! 

At Beserk we stock a small range of Glamlites amazing products, with highly pigmented eyeshadows and luscious lip glosses, stunning false lashes and gorgeous eyeliner. We stock the Pizza Palette featuring 18 different highly pigmented shadows, Meat Lovers Pizza Slice Palette & the Veggie Lovers Pizza Slice Palette which feature 10 stunning shades of eye shadow. We also stock other palettes from Gamlite such as the Glam Donut Palette, Paint Palette, Burger Palette, Cake Palette, Street Taco Palette and Taco Palette! All bringing you the best quality makeup for your next art adventure. Become whoever you want with Glamlites stunning shades. 

Glamlite also brings us some stunning lip products including the Lip Glazes in Cinnamon Roll, Donut, Hot Chocolate, Pecan Pie & Smores! We also have the Lip Glosses in Coconut Margarita, Raspberry Margarita, Strawberry Margarita & Tequila! Beserk also stocks a small range of the Glamlite Lashes including the Camarones Taco Lashes, the Double Cheeseburger Sl-Eye-Ders Lashes, the Fry-Lashes False Lashes & Hawaiian Pizza Palette Lashes as well as the Calligrapher Eyeliner that brings your whole eye look together. 

Don't miss out on these amazing products here at Beserk!