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Ladies - who doesn't want to play dress-up every day?! We have womens alternative clothing and womens gothic clothing for every one of your dress up dreams!  Lolita dresses with timeless petticoats and Victorian dresses of your dreams. We have retro chic and hardcore metal gear, there is no better place than Beserk for women's Gothic clothing in Australia. Are you looking for the prefect goth black dresses or a gothic corset dress. We have a massive range of choices, we stock up for every time of the year. With Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Birthdays and more! No matter where you're going, we have the perfect dress to keep you comfortable and beautifully stylish.
Show them a glint of your darkness at the office, or flaunt your va-va-voom with breathtakingly beautiful corsets and naughty lingerie. Showcase your gorgeous legs with our itty bitty mini skirts and hosiery in all different lengths, genres, and styles. Women's alternative clothing has never been more versatile, with statement jumpers and jackets, sexy swimsuits, and whimsical formal wear. 

Don't forget our awesome selection of cosplay attire and accessories - whether you're emulating your favourite anime character or putting your own spin on a classic, we have your costumes, horns, ears, special effects makeup, and more. We also have wigs and glorious hair dyes, because why do something only part way? Channel your favourite princess or superhero - or even your inner mermaid if you'd like. The possibilities are endless.

It's a fact - you can never have too many pairs of shoes, especially if they are to-die-for and make a statement while adding the perfect accent to Gothic women's clothing. No wallflowers need apply - put your best foot forward because everyone will notice it.

When you shop at Beserk, you are getting the most stunning Gothic clothing for women, and a vast galaxy of accessories, as multi-faceted as you are. Don't miss out on our collections as they go so fast you won't even see them before their gone. Keep up to date with all of our new products and never miss out on a beautiful dress to make you feel like the amazing woman you are.