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Punk is a mentality. But let's get one thing straight- not all punks share the same attitude, not all punks think and do the same. It's a broad representation of one that expresses non-conformity as well as an opposition to the mainstream culture. Punk fashion often displays aggression, rebellion, and individualism. Some punks wear accessories, clothing or have tattoos that express sociopolitical messages.

You may associate punks with having a coloured mohawk or wearing a vest with spikes and patches all over it. You also probably associate punks with never washing their clothing as well! You could wear all of the following but still not be a true punk, because as I said before, punk is a mindset and always will be! Punks may have spiked hair, not because of the 'punk' stereotype but simply because it isn't a common mainstream hairstyle. 

The most common band's you probably think of when you think of punk are the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Misfits, New York Dolls, and Black flag. You could also argue forever over which band wrote the first punk song, but it is a fact: It was the Stooges who pioneered the punk performance.