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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Dinosaurs! We love dinosaurs at Beserk (but we're kinda glad they are extinct and we are at the top of the food chain). And we have a tonne of prehistoric goodies on offer. So if you've got the fire for fossils, are rapt with raptors, or you are just a regular T-Rex tourist, then browse our selection of dinosaur items today!

Dinosaur collectables, dinosaur homewares, dinosaur novelty gifts, dinosaur greeting cards, dinosaur lunch boxes, dinosaur linen sets, dinosaur kitchenware, and more! We've got dinosaur socks, dinosaur pencil cases, dinosaur enamel pins, dinosaur stickers for your laptop or notebooks, dinosaur key chains, and even dinosaur lip gloss!

Why do we love dinosaurs so much? It may have something to do with our childhoods. A child's attraction to dinosaurs suggests that the giant creatures appeal to something innate, or at least very elemental, in the human psyche. One highly speculative explanation is that this is a genetic legacy, going back to the days when early humans faced gigantic, prehistoric lizards and birds, or perhaps even the days when our remote mammalian ancestors had to contend with dinosaurs themselves. A simpler explanation is that images of dinosaurs convey the excitement of danger while posing no actual threat. It could also be that dinosaurs, from a child’s point of view, seem like grown-ups since they are both very old and very big.

By inspiring fantasy, dinosaurs alleviate a child’s feelings of helplessness. Adults often feel almost as powerless as children. They find relief in activities such as blasting aliens in video games, but seldom in playing with dinosaurs. But maybe grown-ups don’t really get over the dinosaur phase? There is something comforting for people of about the way kids in every generation go through a “dinosaur phase,” despite all the changes that society has experienced in the last century and a half. Dinosaurs appeal to a  childhood wonder, as well as reassuring us that our childhood experiences are part of an eternal condition. 

Beserk can satisfy your dinosaur guilty pleasure!

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