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Sugarpill is an innovative and bold approach to dramatic, bright self expressive make-up brought to us by the amazing Amy Doan! Her dream began in 2003 when she started running her own DIY punk fashion line called Shrinkle. While showing off her clothing line, many people noticed her dramatic and intense make-up looks, which was actually theater paint, that was inspired and adopted from the performers in underground drag clubs she had been frequenting since she was a, and I quote "Fake ID-toting teen"!

Amy was highly frustrated by the standards and products being perpetuated by the beauty market, promising to accentuate natural beauty and conceal flaws, with their suggestions on what to wear with what and warning against mixing bold eyes with bold lips, forever conceptualizing our standards of whats normal and whats not. Just like us here at Beserk, Sugarpill aims to provide you with the unknown, the unusual and the vibrancy that is life and self expression. Sugarpill has made it their mission to remove the barriers that are societal expectations with their amazing range of Cruelty Free products and formulas.

Sugarpill has amazing eye shadows, from pressed eyeshadows that provide beautiful matte looks, to loose eyeshadows that give you a long-lasting metallic shine. With Sugarpills richly pigmented colour palette, including the sexy metallic blue Polar Loose Eyeshadow or the sweet, pastel matte Velouria Pressed Eyeshadow, your range to choose from is incredible, with bright greens, neon pinks and pastel blues. The professional, high quality ingredients will make blending, transitioning and application easier than ever. Giving you an amazing and vibrant look when you're finished, so you'll want to buy every colour and shade available!

They have stunning creamy lipsticks, lip gloss and liquid lip colours, ranging from metallic pinks to matte reds. You'll have plenty of options to choose from, with the glossy and matte finishes you're choices are endless. Use the beautiful Trifle Liquid Lip colour with a top coat of Bloom Lip Gloss to give yourself a sweet pink lip. Or go the complete opposite with the stunning blue metallic Sub-Zero Liquid Lip Colour and make your lips stand out like never before!

There's no turning back once you open your heart to Sugarpill, from natural nudes, to vibrant neons, every look is achievable. With products from eyeshadows and lipsticks to highlighters and fake eyelashes, Sugarpill is always looking to expand their ranges whilst still staying true to their mission: to provide you with the freedom to express yourself however you want! Join us here at Beserk while we celebrate individuality with Sugarpill!