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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Violet Dream | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Orange Hair Dye & Colour

Orange is the colour of immediacy. All by itself, it serves as a call to action, and it never escapes notice. Its vivid qualities make it the perfect colour to attract attention or to warn.

Punk orange hair has never gone completely out of fashion. Starting in the '70s, colourful and shocking styles served as a call to those outside the mainstream to express themselves individually.

As long as the world has stylish rebels who revel in daring looks, Beserk will always provide a great lineup of orange shades and other colours. We strive to help our customers express their personality in every way possible, including through clothing, cosmetics, homewares, and even pop culture products.

We also love providing our valued customers opportunities to save. For this reason, we have included hundreds of products in our sale pages. This includes everything from clothes to figurines.

Beserk is Australia’s top source for the best in edgy styles and decor. Explore our site and check out our full selection of products.

Common Questions

How can I dye my hair orange at home?

Firstly make sure you are starting with a light coloured base and your hair is not too damaged or over processed. If you are starting with darker hair you may need to lighten your hair first, make sure you leave 14 days in between bleach and hair dye and always test a patch of hair first. In general if you have very dark hair you may need to go to a professional just to be sure that you do not damage your hair. 

Always make sure to read instructions carefully and test, test, test.

Does orange hair dye last?

Orange hair dye can last up to 4 to 8 weeks depending on how you treat your hair. In general people with naturally lighter hair will have a longer life to their hair dye. 

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