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Purple Rain | HAIR COLOUR [236ml] Ultra Violet | CLASSIC COLOUR Violet Dream | HAIR COLOUR [118ml] Nightshade | HAIR DYE Purple Haze | AMPLIFIED COLOUR Fuschia Shock | CLASSIC COLOUR Plum Passion | CLASSIC COLOUR Plum Purple | HAIR DYE Ultra Violet | AMPLIFIED COLOUR Cerise Purple | HAIR COLOUR Purple Haze | CLASSIC COLOUR Violet | HAIR COLOUR Pony | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR Plum Purple | HAIR COLOUR Lilac Purple | HAIR COLOUR Sext | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR TINT Amethyst Ashes High Voltage | CLASSIC COLOUR Orchid | HAIR DYE Deep Purple Dream | CLASSIC COLOUR Mystic Heather | CLASSIC COLOUR Fuchsia Pink | HAIR DYE Iris Purple | HAIR DYE Lavender Purple | HAIR COLOUR Mystic Heather | AMPLIFIED COLOUR Smokey Purple | HAIR DYE Lavender | HAIR COLOUR Electric Amethyst | CLASSIC COLOUR Genie | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR Hot Purple | HAIR COLOUR Electric Amethyst | AMPLIFIED COLOUR Oyster | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR TINT Patsy Purple | HAIR COLOUR Aesthetic | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR Amethyst | HAIR DYE Vivids Violet | HAIR COLOUR Wisteria | HAIR COLOUR Violette | HAIR COLOUR Magic Salem | HAIR DYE Love Power Purple Semi-Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Cyclamen | HAIR COLOUR Vivids Wild Orchid | HAIR COLOUR Shampoo | FOR PURPLE SHADES [250 ml] Ice Mauve | HAIR COLOUR Lilac | HAIR COLOUR Squid | UNICORN HAIR COLOUR Rich Eggplant Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Vicky Violet | HAIR COLOUR Pastels Luscious Lavender | HAIR COLOUR Soft Cerise | HAIR COLOUR Rosemary Mauve | HAIR COLOUR Vivids Crystals Purple Tourmaline | HAIR COLOUR Plume | HAIR COLOUR Purple | HAIR COLOUR Bordeaux | HAIR COLOUR Vivids Everlasting Mystic Magenta | HAIR COLOUR Vivids Crystals Garnet | HAIR COLOUR Lavender Frost | HAIR DYE Violet Gem Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Yummy Colour [Grape] | PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR Aubergine | HAIR COLOUR

One of the most versatile colours of the rainbow when used for hair colouring, purple offers a daring, yet still regal look. Go with a provocative deep purple hair colour or try a number of lighter shades.

Another variation on permanent purple hair dye use is the purple ombre look that combines a number of colours and shades in a fun and flirty way. Purple also looks great in rainbow, pastel, or mermaid hair styles.

The limit of potential styles with purple hair colouring is only found in your own imagination. Beserk can help you get wild with creativity. We have hundreds of different colours that you can combine with purple. Make your hair a palette and our colours your paints. Express your personality through your own hair colour creation.

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