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Believe in Yourself Splatter | SHORT PJ SET Ladycraft | KIMONO Love Me Like My Demons Do | CARDIGAN Winter Solstice Pastel | HOODED SWEATER Release The Bats | FLANNEL Believe In Yourself | PET TEE BCC Goat | PET BANDANA Batcraft | PET TOY Batwing | DOG COLLAR Blackcraft | PET LEASH Baphomet Embossed | DOGGIE BAG CASE Baphomet | ANKLE SOCKS [2 Pack] Believe In Yourself | FUZZY SOCKS Never Trust The Living | FUZZY SOCKS Never Trust The Living | ANKLE SOCKS [3 Pack] Spirits Of The Dead | TALL SOCKS 666 | EMBROIDERED PATCH Lucifer The Cat | EMBROIDERED PATCH Believe In Yourself | WOVEN PATCH Unholy | WOVEN PATCH All You Need | COFFEE MUG Satan Is My Spirit | ANIMAL MUG Death Moth | CARDIGAN Lucipurr | CARDIGAN Stories | T-SHIRT Pentagram Rose | SILKY PAJAMA DRESS Green Baroque | VELVET FLARED PANTS Green Baroque | VELVET SKIRT Green Baroque | VELVET TOP Green Baroque | VELVET CAPE Believe In Yourself [Blood Moon] | DORM SHIRT Ouija Flash | PJ SET Never Trust The Living [Pink] | PJ SET Baroque | PJ SET Pastel Death Moth [Pink] | PJ SET Demons | BOXER BRIEFS BCC Goat | BOXER BRIEFS Slime Baphomet | SHERPA BLANKET Stories | THROW BLANKET Pentagram [Purple] | MESSENGER BACKPACK Ouija Large | SATCHEL BAG Pentagram Rose [Pink] MESH SWIM BOTTOM* Never Trust The Living [Pink] | DORM SHIRT Never Trust The Living [Pink] | RITUAL ROBE Faux Croc Slim | WALLET Pentagram Rose [Pink] | MESH SWIM TOP* Lucipurr | KID’S TEE Dead Inside [Pink] Cozy | LOUNGE SET Sinner Cozy | LOUNGE SET Believe In Yourself [Green] Striped | CROP TEE Bat Witch [Purple] Lightning | TEE* Triple Moon | TODDLER DRESS Believe In Yourself | BABY BANDANA* Pentagram | COOLER BAG BCC Mesh Beach | TOTE BAG Green Staple Logo Color Block | BACKPACK Baroque | MESH DRESS* Rose Triangle | RINGER DRESS Dream State Mesh | BELL SLEEVE TOP* Cult Flash | KIMONO*

Blackcraft Cult are firm believers that you don't need a God or any organised belief system in order to be a good person. To be kind to all men and animal kind, and do positive things for others. "Create Your Own Future & Believe In Yourself."

Blackcraft Cult (just to confirm, Blackcraft is not literally a cult) was born in Los Angeles from a love of the occult, coffee, pagans, Satanism, cats and bats!

Spawned out of a Southern California attic in the summer of 2012, Blackcraft’s inception was the collaborative brainchild of Jim Somers and Bobby Schubenski. The duo began with a sparse one hundred dollar investment in their pockets and a singular idea to motivate people in a positive light outside of the realms of organised religion. An idea that has manifested and grown, reaching people of all walks of life across the globe.

Blackcraft live by the ethos of kindness, gratitude, respect and positivity. Let there be peace and progress in a universe full of darkness, greed, fear and hate. They celebrate self-empowerment, self-expression, and all aspects of life that encourage personal freedom. For those of you who have embraced Blackcraft from the beginning - thank you for the continued support. For those of you who are discovering them for the first time, welcome! We hope that their products will encourage you to believe in yourself and create your own future.

Beserk offers both women's and men's tees, tanks, sweaters, leggings, dresses, intimates, bottoms, pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, hats, patches, bags, purses, wallets, drinkware, and miscellaneous accessories such as throw blankets, duffel bags, full-colour flags and wall hangings, cushions, pins, candles, soap..... the list of macabre and godless products and paraphernalia goes on. Join us here where we want you to Believe In Yourself! With all the love we have, have fun shopping!