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Welcoming Lethal Cosmetics to Beserk! Lethal Cosmetics is a new company, founded recently in 2016 by husband and wife team Anna and Kai. Struggling to find cruelty-free and vegan friendly makeup in their home country of Germany, they had the idea that "If we can't buy it, why not make it ourselves?" So they did! Anna knew the exact kind of products she was missing and immediately went to town formulating their first eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks using her keen eye and background in cosmetic science whilst Kai was designing the packaging, online store and being the test subject for early product prototypes. They finally launched the company in 2017, selling out completely in only a few hours. Since then, they have moved from a tiny lab to a much bigger lab with an amazing team of workers and now almost 100 different products are in production to be distributed all around the world. 

Beserk is lucky enough to be involved in this adventure, giving our fellow alternative lovers access to such an amazing and high quality colourful makeup brand. We have always loved freedom of expression and strive towards giving you, the customer, the best service, products and brands we can get our hands on. With Lethal Cosmetics now on Beserk's website, we have a load of products for you to choose from! With stunning eyeshadows, highlighters, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks and even customisable palettes. 

With lovely eyeshadows such as the Unearthed, Transmutation, Spirit, Rise From The Ashes, Numb , Nightcall, Proxy, Frantic, Descent, Arsenic, Crossroads, Aether & Arcade! We also have some stunning highlighters from Lethal Cosmetics including the Ionic, Isotope & Scatter with more to come! Create stunning looks with the liquid lipsticks including Rapture, Riptide, Pandemonium, Departure and more as well as the lovely lip glosses such as Utopia, Nexus, Anthem and Anaemia! 

Don't miss out on our amazing collection from Lethal Cosmetics with Beserk. We take freedom of expression seriously. So get creative today and show us some amazing new looks!