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Herman's Hair Colour

Herman’s Professional Hair Colours are the result of a dedicated team wanting to make products to perfectly suit their customers' needs and desires. With a strong focus on quality and ethics, Herman’s Hair Colours are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Herman’s Professional is designed in Finland and their factory is based in the Netherlands (so they are basically neighbours). Ethics and quality are the major key influences and determinants in what they do - and they always listen to their customers' wishes, suggestions and styles. Herman's Colour is developing its products all the time to have the best quality. Their goal is to have a professional quality hair product that can be used by retail hairdressers and consumer customers and wholesalers alike. They have new colours coming in at a steady pace so stick around for wicked, killer fresh and vivid new colours in the future! 

The colours are conditioner-based, direct colours that condition and replenish plus revive your hair while colouring. Of course, colour results do vary from person to person. For the most vibrant and long-lasting results, pre-lightening your hair is highly recommended. And another fantastic thing about Herman's Professional Hair Colour is that they can be mixed and combined to create inspiring hues of your own devising! Get imaginative and create your own!

The Herman's Colour team is all about positivity and expressing themselves through colour. They are the sister company of Cybershop who created the whole concept of Herman’s Professional. Some of the more popular items are hair colours Mathilda Granny Grey, Sylvia Silver, UV Poly Pink, Patsy Purple, Cynthia Cyclamen, Tammy Turquoise, Scarlett, Marge Blue (because sometimes we just need to coiff up that hairdo Marge Simpson Style!), Vicky Violet, Rosie Gold, Stella, Black Dahlia, Bella Blue, Peggy Pink, Bloody Mary, Ruby Red, Fiona Fire, UV Tara and UV Lemon Daisy, Olivia Green, Miley Milk, Hailey, and Blanc Blanche. 

We've grabbed our favourite colours from Herman's Colours and brought them to you! With creativity and self-expression at the front of our minds, we want you to have the freedom to create any masterpieces you want!