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Have you got Killstar Australia on your brain?  Are you looking for your latest KILLSTAR obsession? Killstar is a dark and edgy lifestyle cult, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas. Beserk absolutely loves Killstar Clothing, with it being one of our quickest brands to sell out, we want you to get in quick!  Don't forget to also check out Killstar shoes and Killstar homewares in our homewares section. 

Established in the year of 2010 - Killstar is a fashion and lifestyle brand with a twist of darkness and witchy macabre affiliations, channelling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.  Fabricating morbid discord ever since their inception, with no signs of slowing down or stopping with their prodigious collections, offering range after dark range of stunningly Gothic sartorial splendour, Killstar is straight-up killer.

Each item tells a story and is an experience in itself. Explore the dark and unorthodox and celebrate individuality with its over-sized prints, studded leather and digital designs, alongside kick ass accessories and leggings.

Stars can't shine without the darkness - Believe in yourself and create your own destiny, and feel the power of the night and embrace that force for yourself.

In their own words: "'Total Trash Occult Couture’ – est MMX". KILLSTAR's alternative clothing and lifestyle brand has its roots in the UK and USA. If you’d rather give thumbs up for individuality and let your freak flag fly high than submit to the fashion industry ‘norm’ and nurtured uniformity, then KILLSTAR will be a vortex of dark delight and titillating pleasure for you.

Mixing fashion forward ideas, statement graphics and an ocean of black garments [if it’s not black, put it back], KILLSTAR celebrates the strange and unusual with open arms.  KILLSTAR urges you to reclaim your freaky side and join the weirdos! The weirdos, of which we refer, are the unofficial members of the Killstar Cult (just to confirm - they are not literally a cult. That's just weird). The weirdos are YOU! The customers that keep coming back time and time again for fresh deadly designs with a killer style to show off to the world of the light (daylight, that is). Not that Killstar have anything against the power of the Sun, us weirdos simply prefer to embrace the comfort and familiarity of the moonlight and the night.

We love the freaky, quirky, and unique pieces at Killstar. The collection channels our inner darkness and desire to rebel and create chaos. Wear your darkness in these killstar dresses, with a heavy gothic influence we love the variety and alternative choices you can find when choosing your next Killstar dress. If dresses aren’t your style or you love a combination of both dresses and tops, these killstar tops come in a range of t-shirts, singlets, jumpers, tank tops, button-up pieces, and more. 

Killstar Boots and Shoes 

Killstar shoes and boots are a one-way road to giving your freaky aesthetic a boost of life.

There are so many different styles for you to choose from, including a huge range of materials such as vegan leather, vegan suede, and faux fur. Choose your pick, whether it's creepers, thigh highs, big stomping military boots, or high tops. We are certain there’s a shoe you’ll want to add to your collection.  While shopping for your new kicks,  why not grab a pair of socks to match your shoes. We offer Killstar afterpay as an option on our socks, so while you’re waiting for your new outfit to arrive, you can conveniently pay off your socks in fortnightly installments. 

Reclaim Your Freaky Side with Killstar 

When you’ve found your perfect freaky and alternative outfit, we know you’ll be setting up camp next to your mailbox. We know you’ll want to wear your picks as soon as possible, this is why our postage has a same day dispatch policy. If you purchase your items before 2 PM, your purchase will be dispatched that same day. Shipping is free on orders over $89, each order will come with a tracking number, express shipping is also available on orders. If you would like to talk to us about any of Killstar’s range, we are here and waiting for you to contact us.