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Ocean Blue | COLOUR MASK [30ml] Coral Blue | HAIR COLOUR Ultra Blue | HAIR COLOUR Soft Blue | HAIR COLOUR Azure Blue | HAIR COLOUR Blue Black | HAIR COLOUR Royal Blue | HAIR COLOUR Yummy Colour [Ice Blue] | PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR Yummy Colour [Denim] | PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR Bella Blue | HAIR COLOUR [DAMAGED SEAL]* Capri Blue | HAIR COLOUR Sky Blue | HAIR COLOUR Bubblegum Blue | HAIR COLOUR Peacock Blue | HAIR COLOUR Sapphire | HAIR COLOUR Blue Jade | HAIR COLOUR Lagoon Blue | HAIR COLOUR Neon Blue | HAIR COLOUR Denim Blue | HAIR COLOUR Atlantic Blue | HAIR COLOUR Turquoise Blue | HAIR COLOUR Midnight Blue | HAIR COLOUR Sky Blue Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Ocean Blue Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Baby Blue Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Indigo Blue Semi Permanent | HAIR COLOUR Add To Cart | HAIR MAKEUP Narwhal Teal | POSER PASTE* Marge Blue | HAIR COLOUR Thelma Turquoise | HAIR COLOUR Periwinkle | HAIR COLOUR [118ml] Amelia Aqua Blue | HAIR COLOUR Bella Blue | HAIR COLOUR Aquamarine | HAIR COLOUR [118ml] Blue Jean Baby | HAIR COLOUR [118ml] Poseidon | HAIR COLOUR [118ml] Blue Angel | CREAMTONE HAIR COLOUR Smokey Teal | HAIR DYE Vivids Blue | HAIR COLOUR Lagoon Blue | HAIR COLOUR Atlantic Blue | HAIR COLOUR Periwinkle | HAIR DYE Vivids Everlasting Bewitching Blue | HAIR COLOUR Turquoise | HAIR COLOUR Pastels Blissful Blue | HAIR COLOUR Vivids Blue Topaz | HAIR COLOUR Smokey Navy | HAIR DYE Neons Blue | HAIR COLOUR Blue Velvet | HAIR DYE Magic Shadow | HAIR DYE Moonstone | HAIR DYE Midnight Blue | HAIR COLOUR Cyan Sky | HAIR DYE Orchid | HAIR DYE Bad Boy Blue | CLASSIC COLOUR Shocking Blue | CLASSIC COLOUR Lie Locks | CLASSIC COLOUR Ultra Violet | CLASSIC COLOUR Blue Moon | CLASSIC COLOUR Blue Steel | CLASSIC COLOUR

Having blue&black hair leaves you feeling the queen of the night! Shop Beserks exciting range of blue hair dye here! 

Blue-black hair is a blend or combination of black and blue tones. The blues and blacks are often blended together to give a midnight blue colour or, blue highlights are added to black hair. For blue back hair, a dark black hue with a hint of blue is not only mysterious but very flattering. Not to mention they suit any and all skin colours!

These blue colours are perfect for stand-alone styles. They also blend very well when creating effects such as mermaid, rainbow, or pastel hairstyles. Blue hair dye is not limited to one shade, it comes in countless! So why not spice it up and mix different shades of colours to create a unique and gorgeous new hairstyle!

Maybe you want to mix blue with another colour, if that's the case, shop our hair dye range here! Here at Beserk, we are all about individuality, you can show off your individuality in many different ways.