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Introducing one of our newer brands, Anthony Wang. We are absolutely in love with the attitude that resonates from the styles and designs for Anthony Wang Shoes! With alternative fashion in mind we want to bring you the options you've been begging for. With Anthony Wang at Beserk, you can get your hands on some amazing styles that bring out your inner alt girl/boy. 

We stock a range of Anthony Wang shoes including the GG3 Platform Boots in white and flame red, Wyvern Platform Boots in black and reflective, Dragon Platform Boots in black and reflective, Quince 03 Platform Sneakers in black, Quince 02 Platform Boots in white, red and purple, the Big Smooth Platform Sneakers in black and the Platform Boots in patent black! 

Don't miss out on our amazing products here at Beserk! We love everything alternative at Beserk and want to bring as many options as we can to you. With high quality brands with morally ethical values, we don't mess around. Beserk brings you thousands of products, hundreds of brands and almost a dozen payment methods including various buy now pay later options including Afterpay, Openpay, Zippay and more! We provide you with the Beserk experience, every time. Don't miss out on an awesome shopping experience at the click of a button with Beserk, and get your Anthony Wang cravings out of the way today!