YRU - Created to create, inspired to inspire, liberated to liberate! YRU is a team of artists and individual thinkers, sharing the message of universal acceptance through style with a purpose. Reach for the galaxy, it’s not as far as it seems!

YRU was established in 2012 to make alternative footwear for the crowd that might not belong to any crowd. They are inspired by anything truly different, from holographic craziness, to pastel princess! Beserk is stocking new designs and unique, head-spinning creations from YRU, including platforms, sneakers, and platform sneakers!

Beserk has brought you some simply stunning designs from YRU that are made to turn heads and light up a room. With some amazing designs including the Lala Alien Purple Oil Slick Platforms that feature a purple holographic Alien stitched into the side with purple laces and a yellow, blue and purple holographic design casing the whole shoe! We also have the Qozmo style shoe with the Hi Dragon design that features spikes on the toe of the shoe with dragon scale accents covered in a beautiful holographic colour. One of the most asked about pairs is the Qozmo Hi Pastel Platform shoes that feature a simple yet gorgeous design of yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and red pastel colours covering the shoe.

These are great for gifts or just to spoil your inner shoe lover. You'll stand out in the crowd with YRU's beautifully simple designs made just for you! Beserk makes an effort to provide you with the products that you want to see, with our amazing team here at Beserk, we've provided you with the options you're asking for! No matter what your plans are, get funky with these awesome shoes made for comfort and style. Don't miss out on your chance to add these amazing shoes to your collection today!