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We have a range of men's underwear and socks for you to choose from. With a lack of alternative and Gothic-inspired clothing for men, we've bought you a range of different styles and designs just for you!

We stock brands including American Socks, Loose Riders, Bioworld, Harebrained, Sourpuss, Sock it to me, BlueQ and more!

We feature a range of different styles for socks including crew socks, mid-high socks and ankle socks with prints and designs of all sorts including tacos, dinosaurs, pizzas, llamas, octopuses, unicorns, bananas, aliens, sharks, beers, cheese, weed leaves, dragons and squirrels! With awesome styles for any occasion, whether its Taco Tuesday and you're going to your favourite hot spot for that Mexican kick, or you just love to show off your love and appreciation for marijuana!

Whether you're having a night in, going out to a party, having some drinks at the pub, going to a concert or gig, having a birthday party, attending a bbq or having a dinner date. Socks are always a necessity. Don't miss your chance to add some awesome new flavours to your wardrobe today! Or maybe its Dad's birthday soon. Get shopping!

We also have plenty of awesome and cheeky designs for men's boxers! With amazing puns, awesome Pop culture references and some of our favourite lines from Television shows like "Welcome To The Danger Zooooone!!" from Archer, which of course, Lana still doesn't get it. Beserk stocks a huge range of different Pop Culture references including Freddy Krueger, Ron Burgundy, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Skeletor (MYAH!), Beavis and Butthead, Ghost Busters, Indiana Jones and even an all-time classic, The Goonies!

We are here to celebrate you and your individuality, we try to provide our customers with the options they desire and deserve. With our extensive range of alternative clothing, search no further for today's look with our Men's Underwear and Socks collection. Nothing is off-limits with us. Don't forget to remember all of your loved ones, cause you'll find something for absolutely everyone. Don't miss your chance to grab some unique styles here at Beserk.