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Corpse Bride is an amazing cult classic from none other than our beloved Tim Burton. Bringing us a stunning world of dead girls and skeletons dogs, pumpkin kings and Christmas towns, Tim Burton has given us amazing and stunning conceptual art with his stop-motion animated fantasy films. Corpse Bride is a stunning adaption of a story based on a 19th-century Russian-Jewish folktale bringing us an adaption of a solemn struggle of internal happiness.

Based in a small European village in the 17-1800's, Victor Van Dort. the son of a rich fish merchant prepares for an arranged marriage with the neglected daughter of impoverished aristocrats, Victoria Evergolt. Although they quickly fall in love, Victor ruins the wedding rehearsal by acting nervously clumsy and forgetting his vows whilst accidentally setting Victoria's mother to dress alight!

Running away to a secluded forest in embarrassment, Victor practices his vows with a tree and places his wedding ring onto a protruding root. Unfortunately, the root is revealed to be the finger of a young murdered woman named Emily, who rises from her grave with a great determination to bring truth to the vows and her newfound marriage. Trouble ensues for Victor who only wants to go back to his meant-to-be wife, Victoria. His life is turned upside down when his beloved Victoria is forced into another arranged marriage with Barkis when Victor goes missing, forcing Victor to make the decision to marry Emily and join her in the Land Of The Dead.

Whilst Emily and Victor are completing their vows, Victoria arrives at the wedding just in time to witness Victor drinking the poison which would allow his marriage to Emily to be complete, only for Emily to realise that despite her own desperate need for a husband, she was denying Victoria a happy life. Emily stops Victor from drinking the poison and Barkis storms into the wedding and accosts Victoria attempting to kidnap her, which ends up in Emily recognising him as the man who murdered her. Victor attempts to rescue Victoria and Emily intercedes to save Victor's life. Barkis then mockingly toast Emily for dying unwed and drinks the poison meant for Victor and dies, meaning all of the dead who were unable to interfere with the living, where able to pay retribution to Barkis for all of his horrible crimes.

Emily, now released from her bitter torment over her untimely murder, frees Victor from his vow to marry her and returns his wedding ring allowing him to marry his true love, Victoria. As Emily exits the church, she throws her bouquet to Victoria and fades away into hundreds of butterflies in the moonlight and Victor and Victoria watch on in each other loving embrace.

Beserk brings you stunning pieces from the Corpse Bride to complete your collections and add personality to your life. We stock a small range of Corpse Bride products including Pop! Vinyls such as the Corpse Bride Emily Pop! Vinyl and the Corpse Bride Victor Van Dort Pop! Vinyl from Funko as well as amazing costume pieces for Halloween including the Corpse Bride [4 PC] Costume and the Corpse Bride Bouquet! Don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on some stunning pieces with some of our most-loved cult classics!

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