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One of the most endearing traits of early childhood is that magical line between reality and make-believe. It is the space where anything can happen, and that is how plush toys come to life! To a child, stuffed animals represent living beings that have real personalities, thoughts, and feelings. It is much easier to express worries or concerns with a stuffie, as they are nonjudgmental and will always listen. 

This attachment to plush toys can continue well into adulthood, and perhaps never dies! Plush toys encourage nurturing and are immune to the disappointments and frustrations of daily adult life. No matter how many times they are dropped, sat on or left alone, they always greet their owners with heartwarming, reassuring smiles. Those fuzzy, happy faces make the world seem like a nicer place, no matter what’s happening in the child’s life.

Plush toys give the best hugs, are easy to clean up, and are dependable! Stuffed toys last long after most toys have fallen to bits. They don’t bend, break or dent. They don’t have screens that crack, batteries that run out or parts that get lost.

At Beserk, we are as much dedicated to the alternative gothic ethos in fashion as we are with adorable cuteness and softness. From brands such as Funko, Pusheen, Killstar, Kreeptures, Jellycat, Sanrio, Mezco, Firebox, Trick Or Treat Studios, Kidrobot, Kreepsville 666, Tokidoki and more. We have Gremlins, cats, mermicornos, elephants, pop culture plush toys from Labyrinth and Disney movies, the Little Mermaid, pink narwhals, dragon snagglebaggle, roosters, octopuses, Beetlejuice plushies, Hello Kitty, starry-eyed unicorns, amuseable avocado, strawberry, watermelon, and Christmas pudding, the lazy Gudetama egg, sloths, penguins, clowns, purritos, Bananya plush danglers, Gothic cushions, Chucky from Child's Play, lobsters, bunny rabbits, jack 'o' lanterns, hermit crabs, sting rays, starfish, and so much more!

If plush toys bring you joy, then forget the haters and add more to your collection at Beserk.