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Beserk has a huge range of kids items including bibs, onesies, baby blankets, rompers, baby sets (onesie, bib, beanie), pyjamas, sippy cups, socks, plush toys, night lights, ornaments, kids bed linen, towels, plush toys, wind up toys, backpacks, bags, purses, sunglasses, figures, lighting, lunch boxes, pencils, pencil cases, meal sets, cutlery sets, taco holders, nacho servers, drink bottles, temporary tattoos, POP! Vinyls, money banks, band-aids, putty, colouring books, journals, bath dust and so much more!

Beserk also bring pop culture into the kid's mix - we stock items from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tokidoki, Disney Princesses, The Simpsons, Pusheen, DC and Marvel, Sailor Moon, The Walking Dead, Zelda, Rick and Morty, My Little Pony, Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, and more, plus plenty of cute cats, bats, llamas and sloths! There are things for your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, your office, your den, your man cave. There is bed linen, lighting, outdoor things to make your garden or patio a more fun inspiring place to be with kids novelty pieces, hilarious (and yummy) edibles, and heaps of stationery!

Brands include Tokidoki, Pusheen, BlueQ, Rex London, Smoko, Jellycat, Sanrio, Fred Homewares, Peleg Design, Gothic Gifts, Suck UK, Killstar, Mustard, Jolly Awesome, Gamago, Creature Cups, Big Mouth and Funko! You can find everything you want (or simply need) to have in your home at Beserk.

Don't miss out on our collections as they go fast! We are dedicated to providing you with awesome, unique and unusual designs and products for you and the whole family. We don't put any barriers up. Whatever you want, we've got it! Don't forget the nieces and nephews for Christmas this year! We've really got something for everyone. We've got you covered!