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Ankle socks fall right at your ankle bone, making them perfect when you're wearing low top shoes. People love them before they are much less hot than usual socks, as they trap much less heat on your lower leg. And guess what- With beserk, you can have the most fun and colourful ankle socks out there!

What are ankle socks good for you might ask? Well, many things! They provide better circulation, better muscle stabilization, prevent leg swelling when travelling and much more! Not only that, if you are worried more people are going to focus on your socks than shoes, then these are for you! Of course, if you want your socks to be noticed you would naturally buy a more, out there, design- but otherwise, have fun!

Do you absolutely love socks? Then you have to check out our other collections! We have men socks, knee-high socks, kid socks and more! You will never be bored of your sock wear with Beserk by your side!