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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Original Deluxe [SMALL] | CUSTOM FANGS


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Aquamarine | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Poison | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [118ml]


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Wrath | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Need something for your outfit that feels missing? Then we got you sorted! With our Knee-High socks, you will be sorted for that accessorythat gives your outfit that bit more interest! 

Knee-High socks speak for themselves, they are socks that reach your knees!

Knee-High socks can be worn every day if you choose, or they can just be worn on special occasions. There are so many different kinds of Knee-High socks you could most definitely wear them every day, and with good style! After all, who said socks had to be boring? With Beserk's awesome range of socks, we have you covered in all aspects of cool designed socks. Your feet have loved you from the beginning, love them back with some amazing Knee-High socks to keep them nice and snug all day.

What materials are the Knee-High Socks sold at Beserkmade of? - 

At Beserk, depending on the brand, Knee-High socks are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and spandex! If unsure you can always check the product description for specific materials used!

Do you offer Knee-High Socks for Men at Beserk? - 

Yes, we offer Knee-High socks that are designed to fit anyone and everyone! Knee-High socks for all! 

How should I care for my Knee-High Socks? - 

We recommend washing your Knee-High socks in cold water and air-drying them to prevent shrinkage or damage. Be sure to also avoid using bleach or fabric softeners! 

At Beserk, Do you offer Knee-High Socks in other colours besides Black and White? - 

Just because we’re a Gothic and Alternative store doesn’t mean we are allergic to colour! At Beserk, We offer Knee-High socks in all sorts of colours and patterns! Ranging from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and all of the other colours of the Rainbow! Feel free to browse our collection to see all available colours, styles and patterns to find the perfect pair of Knee-High socks just for you!

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