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Lunar Tides Hair Colour

Lunar Tides - catering for hair dye enthusiasts all over the world! Lunar Tides are a Seattle based company that specialises in one-of-a-kind semi-permanent hair colours. Think pink, pastel, bright, deep, vivid, light or dark hues, every colour of the rainbow and all of them in between. Perfect for statement lifestyles or self-creation ambitious people who are ahead of the curve and confident in themselves.

Lunar Tides' dyes are totally non-damaging and condition your hair as you use them.  Leave it in for as long as you want! Lunar Tides have carefully formulated their dozens of shades to give you the exact colour you're after without any need for blending or diluting. Just pick the colour you want, and it's ready to go right out of the jar! No need for developers, pastelizers, or other unnecessary add-ons.

The team at Lunar Tides are hair colour enthusiasts and animal lovers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that each and every product they produce is ALWAYS 100% vegan and cruelty-free! And always will be.

Beserk supports this affiliation with brands that actively go against the convenient option of vivisection (that's the word for animal testing), and we support many animal charities as part of Beserk's extended family.

Lunar Tides will treat you to such hair colours as Cranbaby, True Lust, Mint Frost, Lychee, Citrine Yellow, Smokey Teal, Fuchsia Pink, Smokey Navy, Plum Purple, Orchid, Cyan Sky, Solar Flare, Siam Orange, Blue Velvet, Aurora Green, Amethyst, Smokey Green, Fire Opal, Cerulean Sea, Eclipse Black, Beetle Green, Sea Witch, Moonstone, Coral and Petal Pink, Periwinkle, Nightshade, Smokey Mauve, Iris Purple, Slate Grey, Lunar White, Blood Moon, and more.

If you're ready for a rave or a concert or event, or just want to buck the boring trend and inject some vigour into your hair, Lunar Tides have you covered.