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For the love of Gothic! Goth (definition): 1: a member of a Germanic people that overran the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era. 2: often not capitalized - a: rock music marked by dark and morbid lyrics, b: a fan or performer of goth music. 3: a person who wears mostly black clothing, uses dark dramatic makeup and often has dyed black hair.


Goth Homewares & Decor

We offer a large collection of unique and alternative gothic clothing, accessories, homewares, collectables, cosmetics, footwear and more from all the popular alternative brands. Accoutrements, Akumu Ink, Alchemy Gothic, Banned Apparel, Bioworld, Black Rose Cosmetics, Blackcraft Cult, Collectables, Creature Cups, Cupcake Cult, Current Mood, Dark in Love, Darkside Clothing, Demonia shoes, Devil Fashion, Devious Shoes, Disturbia, Dr Faust, Fearless Illustration, Fright Fest, Gothic Gifts, Hell Bunny, Hell's Blankets, Ink Blot Bombs, Jawbreaker, Killstar, Kreepsville 666, Liquorbrand, Living Dead Dolls, Loungefly, Medusas Makeup, Mehron Makeup, Music Legs, Leg Avenue, Manic Panic, Necessary Evil, Paint Glow, Pamela Mann, Pleaser, Poizen Industries, Punk Rave, Punky Pins, Pyropet, Restyle, Retrolicious, Rex London, Rockstar Wigs, Rogue and Wolf, Sarah Mudle, Scarecrow, Sin In Linen, Serpentine, Six Bunnies, Sourpuss, Spiral, Starrily, Suck UK, T.U.K. Footwear, Too Fast Apparel, Trick or Treat Studios, Twisted, Unholy, Voodoo Vixen, and more.

Anything that compliments or completes your gothic aesthetic is here for your perusal. We've got gothic clothing, gothic cosmetics, gothic homewares, gothic accessories, gothic collectables, gothic footwear, gothic kitchenware and gothic barware, and all sorts of deadly and dark victorian gothic gifts.

Gothic cardigans, dresses, skirts, tops, scarves, nail decal sets, nail polish, shelving displays, mobiles, vests, trench coats, snapback hats, beanies, berets, leggings, plush toys, tapestries, handbags, clutch bags, purses, wallets, hair slides, salt and pepper shakers, keychains and key rings, chokers, necklaces, pendants, bra and panty sets, bath bombs, chain harnesses, jewellery, earrings, pants and trousers, platform boots, high heels, creepers, hosiery - stockings, tights, thigh highs, and knee high socks, pins, patches, collars, belts, backpacks, t-shirts, cushions and bed linen, and costume accessories.