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Welcome to a world of skulls, morbid skeleton characters, creepy vivid noir, & badass chainsaw-wielding schoolgirls... Original nightmare inspired art!

Akumu is the Japanese translation of “nightmare”. Pronounced akoo-moo, artists Joey and Aldora started screen printing and selling individual t-shirts designed from a humble two bedroom apartment in Montreal Canada. Operations were moved to California in 2008, which furnished the designers with a broader audience and to continue spreading the nightmares.

Akumu Ink brings you a unique range, and the brand appears at about 20 comic conventions each year. Inspired by nightmares of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Japanese Fashion & a dark gothic underground world. Wear it to death!  Men's clothes, women's clothes, hoodies, wallets, purses, stickers, accessories, art posters and prints, all with the nightmarish theme of stitched horror and evil grins. Lots and lots of gothic imagery, axes, hatchets, hollow eyes, pumpkins, wolves, spiders and cobwebs, sick puppets and pipe-smoking dogs in top hats.

Akumu Ink is a socially-aware brand, and has taken part in a number of charitable projects over the years, including Pillows for the Homeless (2018),  Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Donation (2017), Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA)  and Together We Rise (2015). You will find celebrities sporting Akumu Ink clothing such as Joe Rogan, Vera Bambi, AJ Lee, David Choe, Brian 'Q' Quinn, John Oliver and more.

Akumu Ink supplies patches, pins, snapback hats, enamel key chains, tanks, tops, singlets, random gifts, and of course lots of macabre and morbid creatures. The subtle bright and vivid colours included in the artwork prints will match perfectly with your alternative, gothic aesthetic and go well with your tattoos and piercings.  Blood, tears, fears, terror, nightmares, dead bodies, devil horns, cute fuzzy animals, morose disembodied corpses - it is all here for your perusal. New designs are released every single month! As they say at Akumu Ink, "We're all mad here."

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