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At Beserk we love Neon!, We embrace our inner 80's child and rock a Neon Wig like no one can! Why do we love Neon so much? Well, for 1 it is completely different to our everyday, Neon makes us feel great and what is not to love about that! 

A little Neon history for you- Did you know in 1896  the first fluorescent light tube war created?

Well I guess after that the rest is history! Neon Rainbow colours really exploded in the 80s, there was hot pink, yellow, orange and green everywhere. The fashion was all about making a statement and many of the music artists of the time like Madonna made neon fashionable! MTV had a lot to answer for, but it wasn't just the music it was the people of the 80s themselves, there was an air of optimism in the air! 

Neon colours can really lift your spirit when you are feeling down, they are so bright and cheerful, how can they not! If you thought you had seen the last of the 80s or didn't see them at all, watch out, remember fashion always has a cycle and Neon is here to stay! 

We have Neon pink Hair Colour, Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Clothing, Shoes and even Earrings

Whatever your colour choice wear it proudly! We love Neon!