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Black Magic | TWINSET Lil B Dumpling | PLUSH EYE MASK Devious | CAMI TOP Short Bathory | DRESSING ROBE Purr Off [Plum] | LONG SLEEVE TOP Purr Off [Black] | LONG SLEEVE TOP Devil's Lullaby [Blood] | SATIN ROBE Deadly Daze [Blood] | SATIN ROBE Fatal Farewell [Blood] | NIGHTDRESS Pentagram Rose | SILKY PAJAMA DRESS Pastel Death Moth | SILKY PAJAMA DRESS Believe In Yourself [Blood Moon] | DORM SHIRT^ Ouija Flash | PJ SET Never Trust The Living [Pink] | PJ SET Baroque | PJ SET Pastel Death Moth [Pink] | PJ SET Cthulhu | LONG SLEEVE TOP Cthulhu | STRAPPY TOP Cthulhu | RIBBED VEST Cthulhu | SHORTS Cthulhu | LOUNGE PANTS Cthulhu | PJ BOTTOMS Cthulhu | PLAYSUIT Unicorn | ONESIE Cthulhu | SLEEP MASK Unicorn | SLEEP MASK Bathory [Crimson Red] | DRESSING ROBE Mother Spirits | HOODED CLOAK Severina [Black] | SATIN SHORTS Severina [Blood] | SATIN SHORTS Maneki Neko Lucky Cat | SLIPPERS Lace | SLEEP SET Classic Halloween | PAJAMA ONESIE* Game Over | EYE MASK Sweeter Than Candy | LOUNGE SET No Rest For The Wicked | PJ SET Purr Off [Plum] | SLEEP DRESS Rest In Peace [Grey] | SLEEP MASK Till Mourning [Black] | SLEEP MASK At Rest [Black] | SLEEP MASK Haunted Pumpkin | ONESIE* Salem | LOUNGE SET Gnomies | LONG SLEEVE TOP* Gnomies | CAMI TOP* Gnomies | PANTY Gnomies | CROPPED CAMI* Gnomies | PJ SHORTS* Gnomies | PLAYSUIT Gnomies | SLEEP DRESS* Gnomies | LOUNGE LEGGINGS* Bathory [Black] | DRESSING ROBE Ouija | JOGGERS Medusa | SHORTS Never Trust The Living [Pink] | DORM SHIRT Gothicorn | CAMI TOP* Guilty Pleasure | NIGHTDRESS Moth To Flame | PJ SET Brimstone | PJ SET* Lone Wolf | LOUNGE SET Moonbow | PJ SET
We have a large range of adorable Sleepwear! Beserk brings you all types of sleepwear. Whether you want to be sexy or comfortable, or maybe even a little bit of both! We bring you some high-quality products for you to choose from with brands like Killstar, Leg Avenue, Kreepsville 666 and Blackcraft!

These amazing pajama sets from Blackcraft bring you maximum comfort! The Never Trust The Living pyjama set is the softest pyjama set you could possibly ever want. With Beetlejuice inspired art and the famous "Never Trust The Living" saying, you'll fit in with all the weirdos and look cute whilst you're doing it! They also have the Hail Satan, Eat Pizza pyjama set for men! Killstar brings us adorable tees for our girls to wear to bed, made for maximum comfort with cute singlets as well as relaxed sleep shirts with adorable passive-aggressive sayings like "You can sleep when you're dead" and "Eat, Sleep, HEX, Repeat"! They also have amazing onesies and even adorable sleep masks for you to choose from!

Don't miss out on your chance to bring your gothic or alternative style to sleep with you and dream in all black.