Wig | CAP^ Hologram 12" [Black] | WIG Lace Front Yaki Straight [Black] | WIG [32 INCH] Classic Wavy Mystical Kiss [Black] | WIG Lace Front Long Straight [Black] | WIG [24 INCH] Lace Front Long Straight [White] | WIG [24 INCH] Hologram [Royal Blue Mix] | WIG [12 INCH] Yaki Straight Turquoise Mix | WIG [32 INCH] Bella [Lavender] | WIG Bella Black | WIG Classic Wavy [Red & Black] | WIG Classic [Rose Fade] | WIG Uptown Girl Red Mix | WIG Classic Wavy [Blonde Fade] | WIG Trash Goddess [Fleurs Du Mal] | WIG Classic Wavy [Teal] | WIG Rainbow Rock Hair Prism 2 [Pastel] | WIG Bang Bang Collection Black Widow | WIG Hologram Dark Mint Mix | WIG [12 INCH] Bang Bang Blonde Ambition | WIG Triflect Midnight Flame | WIG Hologram Powder Pink | WIG [12 INCH] Triflect [Periwinkle Rose] | WIG Gothic Lolita Bella [Chocolate Brown Mix] | WIG Downtown Girl [Black & Violet] | WIG Rainbow Rock [Rainbow Bob] | WIG Classic Wavy [Cranberry] | WIG Hologram [White] | WIG [12 INCH] Farrah Vixen | WIG Glam Doll [Alien Grey Ombre] | WIG Lace Front Royale [Light Medium Blonde Mix] | WIG Character Daddys Lil Monster | WIG Classic Wavy Lolita [Dusty Plum] | WIG Bella Bubble Gum Pink | WIG Prima Donna [Hot Pink Intensity] | WIG Bettie [Plum] | WIG Prima Donna Opera Red | WIG Triflect Collection Berrylicious | WIG Siren [Psychedelic Sunrise] | WIG Classic Wavy [Pink Blonde Mix] | WIG Sassi Short White | WIG Classic Wavy [Blue] | WIG^ Hologram Turquoise Mix | WIG Hologram Dark Mint Mix | WIG Savanna [Purple] | WIG Siren [Cotton Candy Angel] | WIG Straight Classic White | WIG Prima Donna Phantom Black | WIG Prima Donna White Cloud | WIG Kylie [Lime Green] | WIG After Midnight Ombre Queen Bitch | WIG Yaki Absinthe [Straight] | WIG Fuchsia Passion Siren | WIG Pastel Ombre Khloe | WIG Spiraluxe Raven | WIG Curly [Royal Blue] | WIG

Beserk carries a large range of top quality wigs in a wide variety of stunning colours and styles! Perfect for everything from cosplay to drag to everyday fashion!

Dear cosplayers, lolitas, fashion enthusiasts, and dress-up addicts: Beserk has got you covered! Maybe you are dressing up for Halloween, or a fancy dress birthday party, or are attending a convention and you need to get your costume just right... or perhaps you simply need a quick disguise to escape unwanted attention? Perhaps you are a drag queen on the hunt for a new stage look? Either way, we won't judge you.

Rockstar Wigs is here! Designed in house by the Rockstar Wigs design team, all their creations are handmade from their Houston, Texas offices. 

The Bella Blue/Black, Classic Wavy Blue, Prima Donna Ginger Rock, Bella Bubblegum, Green Chartreuse, Dusty Plum Lolita, Lace Front Yaki, Lavender Luxe, Rhapsody Short Absinthe, Hot Coral, Lavender Fade, Red Mix, Teal, Triflect Periwinkle Rose, Farrah Siren, Showstopper Auburn Mix, Bella Dark Root, Yaki Straight, Pewter Grey, Downtown Girl, Pastel Rainbow, Duchess Elodie Black and Crimson, Daenerys Targaryen Lace Front Wig, Hologram Gem Red, Bang Bang Blonde Ambition, Farrah Dreamer, Hologram Powder Pink, Peek-a-boo Blue and Magenta, Hot Pink Intensity, Milkshake Pink, Rainbow Rock Hair Prism, Cosplay White, Dark Pumpkin Orange, Dark Mint Mix, Countess Collection Lilac (Lilaque), Purple Possession, Gold and Chestnut, Classic Wavy Cranberry, Midnight Flame, Screaming Crimson, Uptown Girl, Uptown Girl Central, Silver Light Grey, Farrah Vixen, Teal, Gypsy Kiss, Candy Girl Bob, Bella Silver wig, and so, so many more.

But what actually is a wig? Wigs are artificial heads of hair, either cunningly concealing baldness or glaringly obvious fashion items in their own right. It can be manufactured from human or animal hair, or synthetic fiber. The word is short for periwig, first named in English is WIlliam Shakespeare's play The Two Gentlemen Of Verona. Some people wear wigs (called a toupé) to disguise baldness, but most of us just where them to change our appearance for a party, or just to have a lot of fun! Until the early 1950s, all wigs were made by hand. However, the invention of the machine-made, washable, nylon and acrylic wig led to cheap, mass-produced wigs flooding the market. The novelty fashion wig or hair-piece became one of the most popular products in the fashion world. It is certainly not a taboo to be wearing a wig, in fact it is well known that famous singers such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears use weaves of all styles and colours openly.

It is recommended to store your wig within the net and bag supplied to keep the dust and grime out. If you would prefer to keep it on display, a head wig or wig holder is the proper way to display your wig. All Rockstar Wigs are heat resistant so it's fine to use a hair straightener or a curling iron on them (up to 182° C). Beserk will be your one stop shop for awesome wigs!