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TRASHVILLE-138 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Nihil | CARGO PANTS LILITH-152 [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Carambola-04 [Black/Green] | SNEAKERS On The Horizon | JEANS Cosmic | HOLSTER BELT Breaking Point | LONGLINE SHORTS Lantern Leather | PANTS* DAMNED-318 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Ghostie Dad | HAT Manifestation | PANTS Sundering | PANTS CV Chem [Black PU] | PLATFORM BOOTS CV Chem [Black Patent] | PLATFORM BOOTS Infernia | HOODED TOP Dark Void | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Gloom | BUCKLE BOOTS* Barbed Wire | JOGGERS Barbed Wire | HOODIE Jacopo | PANTS* Rokurokubreed [Black/White] | SOCKS* Otaku | Bandolier BAG Arch Angelz | MASKED TOP Carambola-01 [Black Pat] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS Carambola-02 [Black] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS Evander | HOOD TOP Warrior Witch | JEANS Disaster | BOOTS* Mystique | DRESS Night Hunter | LONG SLEEVE TOP Invasion Club | LANYARD* Kameko | MESH TOP* Dead Easy | LOUNGE PANTS* Underworld | PANTS Screamer | TOP* Ravager | SKIRT* Niveous [Tartan] | UTILITY SKIRT* Niveous [Black] | UTILITY SKIRT* Unholy Mess | SLEEVELESS TOP Nova | BOOTS* Eupheme | DRESS Lenora | SKIRT* Dead Easy | HOODED TOP* Nightcall | FISHNET TOP Zona [Black] | PANTS* Hell Girl | DRESS Insurrection | PANTS Vendetta | CARGO PANTS* Locomotive | PLEATED SKIRT SHAKER-70 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK] DAMNED-225 [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK] Damson 11 [Black] | KNEE HIGH SNEAKERS* Crucifix | TOP TRASHVILLE-518 [Black Patent] | BOOTS [IN STOCK]* DAMNED-225 [Black Holo] | BOOTS [IN STOCK] EMILY-315 [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK] KERA-200 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK] Tech Noir | SKIRT* IC Kana Logo | F*CK CORONA MASK Animason | F*CK CORONA MASK

Techwear is a style and or subculture of fashion that is defined by aiming to combine functionality with style! This mainly includes lots of compartments, pockets, hidden features and more. Most Techwear pieces are constructed from performance components (i.e. performance fabrics, technical/military buckles etc.) and comfortable materials to ensure functionality. Oftentimes, Techwear primarily uses shades of black, grey, olive etc. (i.e. subdued tones and neutrals). When venturing into Gorpcore / Hikercore, more vibrant colours become an option as well. For the rare occasion that Techwear items aren't black, it's enitrely possible that they're covered in wild and crazy patterns to draw attention.

At Beserk, we love all styles and fashion subcultures! So we have an awesome variety of Techwear pieces for anyone interested in the style or long time tech-wearers! Some brands featured in this collection include - Punk Rave, Killstar, Anthony Wang, Demonia and many more amazing brands that bring the best to offer this subculture! So shop the collection and see what you can find that appeals to your functional fashion style!