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For the love of the adorable SlothSloths are animals many people truly appreciate. Sloths - the adorable and lethargic animals living in the treetops of Central and South America. So why do we love sloths so much?

Well, for starters, baby sloths are just the cutest animals ever to exist. Fact. Sloths know how to sleep. They sleep an average of 15-18 hours a day. They sleep more than they are awake. They love sleep more than a college student and that's hard to achieve. Also, look how cute their faces are. They are gentle animals, and maybe it is just us, but we love cuddles and hugs. Sloths swim better than most humans! And they swim even better than they walk, despite being tree-dwellers. Sloths know exactly just how much effort they are required to expend. Let's be honest, we all try to find a shortcut to things, to spend the least amount of energy for the most amount of reward. The sloth just so happens to know all the best shortcuts, however, we would rather not eat leaves. Let the sloths do that and we'll just stick to our pizza and tacos thank you. Everyone can relate to the majestic sloth!

What is a sloth? Sloths are arboreal mammals noted for slowness of movement and for spending the majority of their lives hanging upside down. They have extremely slow metabolisms and very deliberate movement to conserve as much energy as possible. 

They spend much of their lives in the canopy, snoozing and remaining hidden from predators. The animals live solitary lives and travel from tree to tree using canopy vines. Located in places such as Brazil and Panama, the six species of this strange and wonderful animal need healthy forests to survive.

Beserk stocks sloth themed gifts, sloth homewares, sloth games, sloth edibles, sloth greeting cards, sloth masks, sloth enamel pins, sloth socks, and of course, sloth plush toys!

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