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Founded by Carolina Aguerrevere & Pablo Martínez in 2004, Hot Chocolate Design emerged into the Venezuelan market as a fresh and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumers need of fleeing away from the uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass produced brands.

Hot Chocolate Design is a design brand which occasionally blends with art.  Hot Chocolate Design can be difficult to define with precision, as the concept, design and fabrication of each item they produce is intended to reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each product.  Relying on their customers' need for originality, they offer limited collections and their retired products have even become collector’s items.

Hot Chocolate is an innovative label created in Venezuela & inspired by a need for unique & non-mass-produced products. Hot Chocolate prides itself on creating pieces that reflect individuality, limitless creativity & a true passion for sophisticated art and design & offering limited edition collections inspired by vintage and nostalgia of childhood.

Beserk offers a huge range of amazing quality & super cute shoes! Unicorns, skulls and skeletons, spiders, cobwebs, bones, roses, straps, flaps, buckles and flats, pumps, kawaii, cuteness, pastel, candy, comfort, love hearts, fruit, pineapples, and astronauts. Hot Chocolate Design offers products with horror themes (think Elvira, Dracula and Frankenstein), citrus, Japanese style adorableness, ramen noodles, princesses, platforms, heels, flats, and geometric patterns. You will absolutely love it all.