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Mermaid Salon - Home of the Original Chubby Mermaid Brush!

Mermaid Salon are the rainbow hair specialists of Australia. Their team of qualified cosmetologists, hairdressers and makeup artists work daily to produce self-expressive, self-creative, unconventional looks that are utterly bursting with colour, vibrancy and originality!

In 2016, Mermaid Salon released a range of 12 Liquid Velvet Lipsticks, and were simply overwhelmed by the response! Seeing a gap in the market for self-expressive, cruelty-free vegan hair products in Australia, they were inspired to keep on creating.  Fast forward to March 2017, when they released their Chubby Mermaid Carve and Contour Brush - and it went viral overnight!

Featured by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle UK, Look, Popsugar, Nylon, Refinery29, Allure - Mermaid Salon were suddenly flooded with orders from around the globe. Ever since, Mermaid Salon have expanded their brand with adorable, top-quality makeup brushes and cosmetics. From divine eyeshadow palettes to all the brushes you could poke a mermaid's tail at, highlight palettes, matte, gloss, and velvet lipsticks, chrome flex seashells full of facial and body glitter, it's all here!

With product names like Athena, Cleopatra, Clockwork, Love Letter, Necropolis, Sakura, Witching Hour, Little Tin Goddess, Aslan, Disco is Dead, Jerusalem, Miss Sooki, Wolfman Love Story, Welcome to the Jungle, Kiss Kill, Mallory Knox, The Garden, Into The Woods, Templar, Carousels, Cherry Blossom, Bang Bang, Basilisk, 99 Problems, Far Far Away, Hello Beastie, Stonehenge, Enchantress, Fantasia, Heart of Glass, Fawn Horns, Tulagi Dive, Amethyst Cathedral, Pastel Princess and Digital Licorice, how could you possibly go wrong?

And of course, the original Chubby Mermaid Brush and the Galax-Sea Mermaid Brush. If you are a pal of pastel or a glitter gal, then look no further. Thank you to each and every one of the people who have supported them - Mermaid Salon could not have done it without you!