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Candles for every need... Every desire... Every wish...

Your will. Your intent. Your minds eye. Only you control your future. Only you control your fate. Sometimes we can feel lost, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, and need an unorthodox solution. But you need to want it to work. Your mind's eye.

Red candles provide you with a stronger gateway to love, lust and courage. 
Pink, providing a well balanced entrance into friendship and sweet love. 
Orange. The best way to strengthen your connection with attraction and encouragement. 
Gold. I think everyone knows where this is going... Gold provides you with a stronger connection to financial gain, business endeavors and solar connections.
Yellow will give you a closer connection with persuasion and protection. 
Green will also provide you with a connection to financial gain, and also abundance and fertility.
Light blue provides you with a deeper connection with health, patience and understanding. 
Dark blue is associated with depression and vulnerability. Which we all experience in our own ways.
Purple is a must when using candles to achieve power and re-ignite your ambition.
Brown will provide you with a deeper connection with your inner intent to manifest any earth-related or animal-related magic.
Black. This will strengthen your connection with negativity and banishment. Use this at your own risk!
White. White is obviously going to be the best colour for purity, truth and acceptance. 
Silver. Now silver will provide a deep connection with your inner reflection, intuition and help to strengthen your lunar connections. 

With amazing, tapered candles of all colours, you won't need to search anywhere else! Just remember to do some research before you go setting your house on fire while meditating over a burning candle! 

From brands such as Gothic Gifts, Wick'ety Wack and Killstar, we have all your Wiccan needs right here!