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Hellfire Candles are the hottest brand of candles on the market, bringing you awesome fragrances from all the levels of Hell! 

Exclusive to Beserk, these candles have some of the strongest fragrances, spreading their amazing and unique scent all-around your house. You will think you are in heaven instead of hell. These are not simply candles that smell nice. They contain overtones, undertones, and base tones that will hit your nostrils with subtle layers of integrity.

Take your flame game to the next level with these sick wicks. With flavours and creative titles such as Black Magick, Cleopatra's Tomb, Deadly Passion, Shinigami, and Wicked Wyvern. Stay lit with Hellfire Candles. They even come in a black box so it's also perfect for gifting.

Delicious and deadly (figuratively - Hellfire Candles are not literally deadly and please do not eat them or you will probably be sick), they bring notes of vanilla, raspberries, peach nectar, strawberries, coconut, and so much more.

Welcome to Hell. Bring Hellfire Candles to your home today! Shop the range available at Beserk to make your home hotter than Hell!

Material & Dimensions: Soy wax in a stoppered glass cylinder approx 9cm tall.

Please Note: For optimum burn time and fragrance, please follow the steps in the guide included with the candle. Do not leave burning for more than 4 hours.