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Australia is super famous for its supposedly scary spiders. At Beserk we love all creatures great and small, we love being in nature and checking our all the fantastically amazing things the earth has to offer. The Spider is just one of those super cool things. 

We have spider prints on so many goodies here at Beserk,  just take a look 

Many people dislike spiders but not I said the fly. Did you know that a person who loves spiders is called arachnophile and if you are not a spider lover like us here at Beserk, here are 10 reasons to change your mind. 

1. Only a few spiders have venom that can kill humans.

2. Spiders mostly eat insects which helps control the insect population. 

3. Spider live to be really old, the oldest spider in the world was a 43 year old female trapdoor spider.

4. Spider silk is the strongest most flexible natural biomaterial known to man! Amazing! 

5. The Queensland University is using spider venom to develop non addictive pain killers!

6. The Australian Huntsman can run 40 body length per second, 8 times faster than the fastest human.

7. Spiders are actually not aggressive, they will try and run away from people and they actually just want to be left alone.

8. Some female spiders eat their partner during or after sex. 

9. Female spiders produce milk for their young or even sacrifice themselves as food!

10. Spiders and other invertebrates (animals without spines) make up 98% of animal species. They are vital to the functioning ecosystem and with out them we could not survive. 

So go on get a spider on your shirt, booty or hand